• What Do Newbie Runners Need To Know?

    Jogging is an inexpensive, easy-to-practice sport that is loved by many young people as a method of daily exercise. Starting a new jogging routine is not that difficult – all it takes is a pair of comfortable shoes and determination. Are you ready? Let’s learn some simple tips below! 1. Choose professional products Choose shoes […]

  • Effective Nutrition For Runners

    1. Food – fuel for the body Just like gasoline provides power to a car, food is the fuel for your running. Choosing the right “fuel” will help the “engine” to operate well means that it is important for runners to choose the right food for the body. A reasonable diet for runners needs to […]

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Jogging

    1. Jogging impact on the knee? People think that running will push pressure on your knees because you have to land on your feet continuously. But this is completely wrong. Contrary to the above, there is research showing that runners have a much lower incidence of joint problems or osteoarthritis than non-runners Daniel Belirl, Ph.D., […]

  • 7 Foods that Help Muscle Recovery

    After the training sessions, the addition of food certainly plays a very important role in the recovery of the body. Iron nutritionist and athlete Ironman Marni Sumbal said: “Fixing post-workout nutrition helps you promote faster muscle recovery, reduce pain & build muscle, and improve system function. immune, glycogen supplement. Therefore, if we are not important […]

  • Common Eating Mistakes Before Running Day

    You are working hard to prepare to participate in the Pocari Sweat Run 2020, from the training to the diet menu? Probably the closer to running day, the more you try to load up on lots of carbs, drink more water, eat more greens than usual.  “The way of eating before the run really affects […]