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Effective Nutrition For Runners

1. Food - fuel for the body

Just like gasoline provides power to a car, food is the fuel for your running. Choosing the right "fuel" will help the "engine" to operate well means that it is important for runners to choose the right food for the body. A reasonable diet for runners needs to ensure the principles of quality and quantity. In addition, to achieve the best performance, marathon runners need to adhere to a balance meal plan and practice seriously. Before each match, the athletes should follow these rules:

2. Choose the right food for the runner

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Building muscle is difficult, maintaining muscle stability is equally difficult and needs to follow a strict regime. So, runners or athletes need to supplement the following nutrients to maintain muscle stability - providing strength for the body when jogging.

3. Carbohydrates

While running, carbs give you instant energy. You can find carbs in fruits and vegetables like bananas, watermelon, avocado, oranges, etc. as well as oatmeal and brown rice. Can be recharged 45 to 60 minutes before running.

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4. Protein

Protein helps the body build and rebuild muscles to keep running, says Dr. Li, a professor of medicine and director of the Human Nutrition Center at David Geffen Medical School at UCLA. Protein needed for the body is provided from animals or plants. In particular, animal meat, milk and fish are the most abundant source of protein, accounting for 15 to 40% of the food weight. Some foods that provide protein you should use include: Animal sources (salmon, tuna, skinless chicken, eggs, milk ...) and plant sources (legumes and cereals ...).

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5. Fat

Fat is not the enemy. Your body, especially after a long run, needs a backup fuel source when carbs are depleted, which is fat. Use healthy fats from the body such as avocado, almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, fish fat, etc. ... packaged food.

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6. Vitamins

The fruits come from nature. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of fruits and vegetables also help to reduce muscle soreness and minimize injury.

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7. Water and ions needed

When jogging, we not only consume energy but also lose a lot of body fluids through sweat. This fluid includes both water and essential ions such as Na +, Cl-, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, K + ... If not compensated for this amount of water and ions in time, the body feels exhausted Dizziness will appear quickly reducing the effectiveness of jogging. So, how to properly rehydrate the body? POCARI is the Japanese 'standard' rehydration solution for runners, with the same composition of body fluids with the ion content closest to the rate of ions in the body. Besides, POCARI is absorbed into the body 2.2 times faster than normal water, compensates quickly and exactly what the body needs, thereby helping to regulate body temperature, giving you a sense of comfort, pleasure and endurance to complete the run.


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