image Pocari Sweat Run Vietnam (PSR) - an international professional race with the mission "All for runners" held annually by the ion supply drink Pocari Sweat! More than 60,000 runner worldwide have participated in PSR in 7 Asian countries since 2012. In Vietnam, PSR debuted in 2019 with more than 3,200 runners participating and a lot of compliments shared. Following this success, Pocari Sweat Run 2020 promises to bring exciting activities, great experiences and attractive challenges for the community of sport lovers in general and running lovers in particular in Vietnam.

imageThe registration will close as soon as we reach full slot. Ticket price includes VAT

image e You need to make sure you clicked on the Red Invoice tab when buying tickets at 123go website. Or please submit the request for red invoice to the Organizer within 7 days after successful ticket purchase. After this time, we regret that we cannot issue a red invoice.

image All runners buy Early Bird tickets will have their names printed on shirts

image Character for your name on T-shirt: 15 characters including spaces, alphabet letters and numbers, no special characters, no Vietnamese marks.

image Guideline for buying tickets on 123go: Download here


29/6/2020 - 31/8/2020

390,000 VND-
690,000 VND -
890,000 VND -


01/09/2020 - 31/10/2020

490,000 VND -
890,000 VND -
1,190,000 VND -


01/11/2020 - 21/11/2020

690,000 VND -
1,190,000 VND -
1,490,000 VND 

image The age of runners as of 22 November 2020

       * Distance 5Km: from full 12 years

       * Distance of 10Km: from full 15 years

       * Distance 21Km: from 18 years

image Safety Running

To ensure safety in the race, runners should seriously implement the following notes:

       1/ Make sure your health eligible to participate in the distance registered.

       2/ Practice seriously to prepare for the race.

       3/ Get enough water before, during, and after the race with Pocari Sweat - an ion supply drink.

       4/ Emergencies: quickly contact Volunteers for help, or call the phone number on your BIB for help.


imageGroup ticket

     * Buy 3 get 5% Discount

     * Buy 5 get 10% Discount

     * Buy 10 get 15% Discount

     * Buy 30 get 25% Discount

     * Buy from 50 tickets get 30% Discount. Free 10 cases Pocari bottle 350ml,1 post on fanpage to introduce your company/ club (Maximum 250 words+ 1 photo approved by Pocari)

imageHow to get promotion for groups from 50 people:       

      * Post on fanpage: The team leader sends the following information to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      1. Email subject: [PROMOTION GROUP OF 50 MEMBERS - GROUP NAME]

      2. Confirming successful payment email of YOUR GROUP from 123go system

      3. Photos + Content you want to introduce about your group (product / service). Limited to 250 words and 1 picture

      4. Within 2 weeks after receiving enough the information of the leader, the organizer will send the content + photos + posting schedule to the leader

      * Receive Pocari Sweat product: Within 2 weeks after receiving enough the information of the leader, The organizers will give 10 cases of Pocari Sweat 350ml to the team leader with delivery confirmation letter between the two parties

imageFor runner of PSR 2019

     * Discount 10%  HERE   

     * Applies for runners who are in the official list of Pocari Sweat Run Vietnam 2019. Do not applicable to sales, exchange, transfer of tickets but do not name change.

     * Enter your ID number or Passport number which registered in PSR 2019 in the “Apply promotion code” box at the payment page of 123go

     * In case you meet trouble when enter discount code (ID/Passport), kindly fill in this form for guidance: HERE


     * 199.000 VND (5Km only)

     * Please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (0909199645) with the following information to receive Discount Code.

     - Students above 18 years old: Send 2 sides of Student Card and ID card of yourself.

     - Students under 18 years old: Send 2 sides of the Birth Certificate of yourself and Identity Card of your legal guardian. Enter this Discount Code in the "Apply promotion code" box at the ticket purchase page of 123go.


     * Promotion applies to each fare level at each time of registration.

     * The program is only applicable for each individual transaction (excluding transactions for promotion)

     * Do not apply many promotions at the same time

     * Application term: Applied until payment gate is closed.


imageItems in racekit can be changed based on actual condition.

imageClick on the image below to see more clearly



The XXXL size now run out already. Please choose other size available

T-shirts PSR2020 are designed to fit the body. The shirt size cannot be changed once you have successfully registered, please check the information sheet size carefully.

Base on the production, actual T-shirt size maybe have a slightly gap. Please sympathize if it happens.

The shirt size cannot be changed once you have successfully registered, please check the information sheet size carefully.

Shirt length 58 61 63 65 67 69 72
Chest width 82 89 96 101 105 109 113

imageTime: 08:00 – 21:00 on 21st November, 2020

imageLocation: Sala urban area - 10 Mai Chi Tho, district 2, HCMC

imagePlease read carefully all the steps and regulations before going to receive Race Kit.

image Refer to the process of getting Race Kit of Pocari Sweat Run Vietnam 2020. The Organizer will send email to every runner with detail guideline for each step.

  • Check BIB via confirmation email
  • Fill out
  • Check
  • Pickup & check
    race kit
  • Check BIB & Chip Tag


- The recipient (Runner/ Authorized) race kit must ensure to provide accurate information and be responsible for the information they provide.

- Check the race kit carefully before leaving the counter. Organizing Committee will not be responsible when the recipient leaves the counter.

- Runner must carefully check the information on the Chip-tag. The organizer will not be responsible if the runner does not check before confirming correctly.

- Winning results in a running or lucky draw will not be recognized when personal information does not match the information registered on BIB.

- For safety reasons, all participants are responsible for complying with the regulations on age (till the race day 22 Nov 2020): full 12 years for 5 km distance, full 15 years for 10 km distance and full 18 years for 21 km distance. Participants under the age of 18 must provide a letter of approval for the race-kit's legal guardian race.

Runners need to prepare:

- ID or Passport (Hard copy or Picture)

- RRegistration confirmation email (Hard copy or Picture)

- Waiver (only accept Hard copy)/ Attorney (only accept Hard copy)

image Authorized person need to prepare:

- Waiver (only accept Hard copy)/ Attorney signed by every runner (only accept Hard copy)

- ID card / Passport of every runner (Hard copy or Picture)

- Registration confirmation email of every runner (Hard copy or Picture of Email)

- ID card or Passport of Authorized person (Hard copy or Picture)

- Organizer has permission to reject your race-kit receiving if you don’t follow regulation.



- Please check your email carefully in Inbox, Junk or Spam.

- If you still can’t find BIB announcement email, please contact to 123go with email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR hotline 1900 561 558.

- If your group registered by only one email, you will receive one email with all BIB numbers.


agenda final


image• For safety, all Participants must satisfy the age requirements for respective distance as below to register (count on running day 22/11/2020)

12 years old and above for 5km

15 years old and above for 10km

18 years old and above for 21km

imageAny Participant below the age of 18 in Year 2020 is required to seek parental/guardian consent. Their parent/ guardian need to sign on the Liability Waiver forms before participating the event. Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to any Participant that fails to complete the aforementioned requirements.

Each participant must sign an event waiver before participating in the event as part of the registration process.

Tickets and attached items are not refundable in any case.

BIB is reserved for each runner and cannot be changed.

The purchasing and / or transferring of ticket or BIB without confirmation of the organization committee is strictly prohibited. All results will not be recognized if runner is found running with the wrong registered name, bib or personal information

Cancellation, Transfer, and Change

After completing the registration, registration fee will not be refunded if runner is unable to attend the "Pocari Sweat Run 2020" event for any reason.

Any request for changes, please login to your personal account and change it by yourself, section"Coming events/ Update"

Each registration can be changed only once compared to the first registration

After the change and a successful payment, the information will be updated real time in the participant list. Here is the page:

1 Transfer

a. Is the request to change 1 or 2 information at the same time: Name of runner; ID / Passport number (Not name on BIB, name on T-shirt. Name on BIB and Name on T-shirt, please see No 3 on this table)

b. Transfer fee: VND 200,000

11:59PM, 31/10/2020
2 Upgrade/Downgrade distance a. Operation Fee: 200.000 VND
b. Difference fee between old and new distances
  • Same phase: Runners have to pay difference fee between old and new distances. In case, new distance fee lower old distance, not refundable in any case.
  • Different phase: If you want to change distance in different price phases (even to shorter distance), you have to pay both Changing Distance Fee and Differences in prices between the two phases.
11:59PM, 31/10/2020
3 Change of personal information

a. All the registered information, EXCLUDING runner's name and ID / Passport number

b. Change fee: Free

Note: Change name on Tshirt, change Tshirt size will not be applied for succesfully registered in Early Bird phase

The shirt size cannot be changed once you have successfully registered, please check the information sheet size carefully.

11:59PM, 31/10/2020
4 Changing name on T-Shirt Free of charge 11:59PM, 01/09/2020
5 Change name on BIB


After 05/11/2020, you will receive BIB with no name

11:59PM, 05/11/2020
6 Refund Ticket are not refundable in any case  

Only registration in Early Bird and Regular phase will have name printed on RUNNER'S NAME BACKDROP

image2. RACE KIT

All athletes must receive Race Kit including BIB - identification number, timing device, and other equipment from The Organization Committee. Details of the time, place and items are posted on the official website of the event

Participants will have to sign the waiver by themselve to participate Pocari Sweat Run 2020.

Participants are required to give personal information correctly and responsible for verifying personal information.

Check and review racekit carefully before leaving. The Organizer will not be responsible when runner leave the racekit counter./p>

Check and review personal information on chip tag carefully. The Organizer will not be responsible if runner don’t check before confirm it’s correct.


Runners must follow the directions from the Organization Committee, including race staff, volunteers, health care staff, and security forces during the event..

During the event, all runners need to behave professionally and politely. For example: only go to the toilet at the prescribed place, do not litter on the track, do not take anything that doesn’t belong to you, etc. Anyone who violates this code of conduct will be expelled from the event and forced to leave the race immediately.

Runners must wear the BIB in front. Runners without BIB will be taken off the track by security force or race supervisors

Pets, bicycles, skates, trolleys, roller fitting shoes or other wheeled items are not allowed to be used or carried on the track except for official vehicles or ambulances from the Organization Committee

The organizers have the right to use images, videos, or other forms of recording (including recording images of runners at the event) for the purpose of promoting the event (including in subsequent years). Participants have agreed to confirm this clause in the waiver.

The organizers have the right to restrict or deny anyone participating in this event with proper reason and Vietnam government law

The organizer reserves the right to postpone, change, or cancel the event especially when the condition is deemed to be unsafe for participants. In case the event is postponed, changed, or canceled due to inevitable cause (including but not limited to wind, rain, hail, storm, hurricane, earthquakes, etc.), terrorism activities, fires, threaten or attack, accidents, flood, unavoidable damage, or any other causes out of the organizer’s control, RUNNER WILL NOT BE REFUNDED REGISTRATION FEE OR ANY OTHER RELATED FEE.

The organizers will not be liable for any disputes arising from a participants' incorrect registration information.

All athletes are responsible for knowing the start time of the race and their own start time. All athletes must be on time to get all needed instructions and participate in the race.

After leaving the track, participants will not be allowed to return to the track for the purpose of going to a spot on the track or supporting other athletes

Any participant who is discovered by a race judge, event worker or supervisor to have cheated in any way will be disqualified from the event.

Any person participating in the event without the event's official BIB or using a timing chip other than their own, will be disqualified from this and future events.


Participants are responsible for learning about instructions and signs related to maps, locations, and directions.

Medicalstaff appointed by the Organization Committee can check any runner who shows signs of weakness. In case the event health care staff decides that the runner should not continue the race, the Organizer has the right to ask the runner to leave the race route immediately.

Participants must stop running if requested by race staff, volunteers, health care staff, or security forces (including firefighters and police officers) during the event.

Event organizers have the right to postpone, cancel or reschedule the race in case of extreme weather conditions

Athletes need to contact the emergency number on the BIB if they face problems on the route and need to get back to the nearest water station for assistance in case they want to stop running.


Athletes must wear bibs with chips only from the Organization Committee, from the starting line to the finish line for accurate results. The timing device is attached to bib numbers. Athletes found to wear more than 1 chip during the competition period will be disqualified, and their results will not be recognized.

Runners who have unusual time information at the timing check-point will be monitored and may be disqualified.

If any runner violates any condition of the PRINCIPLES OF PARTICIPATION IN THE RACE, their results will not be recognized.

image6. PRIZE

Official results and awards will be reviewed and officially announced before awarding

The organizers have the right to change the winner if all factors show that the athlete is qualified to win which is mentioned in this Article

The prize must be granted according to the regulations of the Organizing Committee. The prize is not transferable or convertible to cash. Athletes receive prizes in accordance with the rules and regulations as well as the terms and conditions of the Organizer.

All complaints against winners or results must be made before 23:59, 22/11/2020

Runners are solely responsible for paying any taxes related to receiving prizes.

image7. BAG DROP

The Organization Committee will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal items in the Bag drop area. The Organizer reserves the right to inspect bags and personal belongings stored in Bag drop area for safety reasons.

The Organization Committee does not take high-value items such as wallets, phones, laptops, etc. in bag drop area, and runners need to commit that there are no high-value items or banned substances in the bag before leaving it at the Bag drop area.


Any individual who disagrees with any clause of the above provisions must submit a request 10 days before the event starts and must state the reason for the request, then receive an exception handling response from The Organization Committee.

image9. APPENDIX

The Organization Committee has the right to change, supplement, or abolish all or part of the event rules based on the actual situation.

Participants will be bound by regulatory changes or additions prior to the event.

Failure to comply with the rules of the event, including changes, will result in cancellation of performance results and prizes.